Your Son Was Expelled, Now What?
May 16, 2016

Truth be told, boys are often expelled more than boys. The nature of teenage boys makes expulsion more prominent for boys than girls.  The case can be bringing in appropriate things to school, fighting, or just struggling with authoritative relationships. There are a few things you want to work through once your son is expelled and after the fact setting up a good plan for the future will allow you to avoid these pitfalls later in life.

First and foremost speak with the school. You want to better understand what happened that lead to this expulsion. Speaking with all involved parties, no matter how painful, is important to avoiding another expulsion the future. Contact the school directly and ask to speak with the principal and staff involved. It is only instinctual for a parent to come to defense of their child but hearing out the school will be helpful down the road.  After speaking with the school it is a good opportunity to appeal the decision.  In some cases developing an action plan and working with the school can reverse the expulsion.

Next I would reach out for professional assistance to help review the behaviors that lead to your son being expelled. This is helpful to better understand why your son acted the way he did. Understanding the situation that lead to this is the foundation needed to make behavioral changes.

Finally look for a new school or educational program that fits the needs of your son. If there is a new school that will take him after the expulsion be open about what happened in the past.  Work with them to have steps in place and develop goals to encourage better behavior. Dropping out is not the answer, but alternative options are useful.  If your son will benefit from therapeutic options such as wilderness therapy programs you should start the search now for a program that works best for your son.

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