Three tips to diffuse an Angry Teen
June 15, 2016

There are a few tricks to help diffuse an angry teen, counselors from all over the nation share their top tips and advice to help parents in tough situations.

The first and most important piece of advice is to make sure yourself and the teen are not in a place where physical harm may come to you or them.  These tips are focused much more on teens that are emotionally angry and not threatening you, themselves, or others with physical violence.

Our First tip is from a residential treatment program:

Speak slowly and softly, repeat statement back to your teen- This generally works well in many emotionally driven situations.  Remaining calm is key and repeating word for word your teen’s dialogue can often help them to hear things for themselves.  Staying calm is the only way to address this behavior.  If you begin to lose control, yell, or become angry your teen will feed off of that emotion.

The second tip comes from Emily Ribnik at a Kent State presentation:

Remove the Audience- Your teen may or may not choose to become angry in front of peers or adults. The goal here is to isolate the attention of the teen and remove the audience so you may have a better chance to discuss the issue with your teen.  While the focus of Emily Ribnik’s presentation is beyond normal parenting challenges it is important to always look to speak to your teen one on one.

The third tip is to allow them to solve their own problems:

Express your faith in their ability to figure it out- This is a tricky one, but popular in many different parenting styles. You want to allow your teen, even in the heat of the moment, to learn to make smart decisions for themselves. Giving them the option to choose option A or option B is a great opportunity to give them power in the situation.

If these three tips resonate with a parenting style you find agreeable Love and Logic may be a useful parenting philosophy to you. Look into Love and Logic more here:



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