Having a Gay Child: Talking About Prejudice
June 14, 2016

Jimmy Fallon Address Orlando Shooting and Talking About Prejudice When Having a Gay Child

As a country founded on freedom, citizens are supposed to express tolerance, encourage free debate, thinking, and believing in our peers and others within society. As many of you have seen, there was another shooting caused by prejudice at a dance club in Orlando, Florida. The shooting took the lives of 49 people, which is the largest loss of life from a terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. While our nation is built on difference of opinion and freedom, our society continuously encourages the opposite. Today, people live in fear of intolerance, hatred, closedmindedness, control, or inequality. Our society has developed an unrealistic, controlled concept of right or wrong, rather than different but equal and accepted. The qualities our country has established are costing innocent people their lives and teaching the world that we promote violence in terms of disagreement. An article by People discusses Jimmy Fallon’s address on the Orlando shooting and his beliefs on talking about prejudice when having a gay child.

Jimmy Fallon’s Address

Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show and father of two, spoke out about his concerns when discussing the recent shooting in Orlando. Throughout times of great trauma, there are a million things parents are considering when talking to their kids. What do you tell them about this event? What can I teach them about this experience? What if your kids are gay? What do you say to them then? During any event like this, as parents and as individuals, you hope to gain a lesson from it all. Fallon states that in this situation the lesson is in tolerance.

Fallon addresses that we need to start to support each other’s differences and focus less on our own opinions. Get back to debate and away from supporting the idea that if someone doesn’t live the way you’d prefer them to live, you harm them or use violence. To truly be a free nation, we need to get back to accepting that we all have different opinions, and that’s okay. America is founded on different opinions. Individuals should feel able to speak their minds and live their lives without the fear of punishment.

Discussing Prejudice

Discussing prejudice with children, whether having a gay child or not, teaches them about tolerance and acceptance. Forms of prejudice can be detrimental when having a gay child. Children, teens, and even adults are often bullied or belittled because of their differences. Whether an individual agrees with someone’s sexuality, religion, or whatever difference, anger or shame should never be the answer. Being open to talking about this current event when having a gay child can help promote them to feel comfortable or safe. It can show them that they can talk to you about their concerns or current issues without feeling judged. Be there to support them, teach them and show them that no matter the differences, you accept them.

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